Is AdWords Right for Your Inflatables Business?

Promoting your inflatables business shouldn’t cost you money. It should make you money.

There are simply too many ways to promote your inflatable rental business these days. How do you know which tactics to use?

Marketing can be a black hole for your money if you don’t know what you’re doing. Many business owners try a little bit of something over here, and a bit of something over there… just to see what sticks. Unfortunately they usually end up cutting programs too early and never really master any one particular technique.

I call this “dabbling”. You know… it’s when you say or think the words, “let’s see if this works” or “I hope this works”. And maybe you’re thinking “IF it works, I’ll keep doing it”. Sound familiar?

The problem is… dabbling doesn’t work.

Too many people dabble… and it’s no wonder they don’t get the results they’re looking for.

Instead, what you want to do is pick one or two marketing tactics that have been shown to work for others in your industry, and commit to investing in testing and optimization.

Don’t dabble with marketing your inflatable or party rental business. Invest and test.

Don’t dabble with marketing your inflatable or party rental business. Invest, test and become the best.

So the question becomes…

Which tactics should you invest in?

In this post, we’ll talk about the benefits of AdWords as a proven tactic, with many benefits over other methods to promote your inflatable or party rental business.

adwords for inflatables businesses

Should you invest in AdWords for your inflatable rental business?

I have many years of experience marketing everything from tech start-ups to consumer package goods, and now inflatable and party rental businesses. Through that experience, I’ve learned to favor digital advertising, and especially AdWords, as one of my favorite marketing tactics.


Here are some reasons why you should consider using AdWords for your inflatable or party rental business:

  1. Very few tactics offer total control over where your message is being broadcast and to whom
  2. Even fewer tactics offer the ability to track your return on investment (ROI) down to the keyword phrase
  3. AdWords is unique in that it’s displayed to your potential customer in the moment when they are trying to fill a need
  4. AdWords success is measurable and scalable like no other marketing tactic
  5. You can hit the ground running with the Inflatable Academy AdWords Formula, based on years and hundreds of thousands of dollars in testing and optimization by a market leading party rental business

Let’s look at AdWords compared to a few other marketing tactics you may be considering for your inflatable rental business.

AdWords vs Yellow Pages and

Your buyer is most likely parents in their late 20’s to early 40’s, or even better, a savvy event planner, planning a large event. Either way, they choose Google far more often than the yellow book, and more often than In fact, with younger and professional demographics, Google holds 78% market share.

Google boasts over 60% of online local business search market share, across all age groups, versus less than 15% for With our target demographic, Google is a much better option.

AdWords vs Direct Mail

AdWords advantages over direct mail:

  • AdWords ads are shown when the prospect enters a search that’s relevant to your business. Your ad is shown in the moment of need.
  • AdWords campaigns are “cost-per-click” so you only pay when people click your ad. This makes AdWords more approachable with a smaller budget.
  • Direct mail can be hard to measure unless you successfully track coupon codes. AdWords makes lead tracking seamless with worry-free conversion tracking.

Direct mail advantages over AdWords:

  • Direct mail is disruptive. This means that it is viewed whether or not the viewer intended to see the direct mail piece. The problem is, the right person may never actually see your direct mail piece.
  • IF your direct mail piece actually reaches a decision maker, and IF the piece resonates with that person’s needs, they’ll usually put it on their desk for some period of time. This means that your ad will get repeat impressions, improving the odds that they’ll call you.

While direct mail can be a profitable marketing tactic, it’s really a matter of fit for your business. Generally speaking, we don’t recommend direct mail until you’ve exhausted more approachable tactics like AdWords and search engine marketing, then direct mail may be a good fit to penetrate certain high-value zip codes or market segments like churches or schools who are putting on large events.

In fact, many of the largest inflatable rental businesses have moved away significantly from direct mail toward digital marketing, and specifically AdWords. So while direct mail can be an effective piece of your marketing mix, we don’t recommend it as your primary method.

AdWords vs Newsprint

Every day we hear about another newspaper going out of business, or eliminating their print edition and switching to online publication. Fortunately this does not matter for AdWords users!

Many, if not most, local newspapers with an online presence are members of Google’s ad network. This means that you can strategically place your advertisements on your local news outlets as part of your AdWords service. Even most local television stations are members of the network, so you can be on the local ABC or NBC sites as well.

As we grow our Adwords service, Inflatable Academy will be including local media placements as part of the display ads service. Currently, if you are taking advantage of our remarketing features, your ads are probably already appearing in your local markets as visitors whom once viewed your site visit local news sites and are served remarketing ads.

Adwords Success with Inflatable Academy

Inflatable Academy offers a one-of-a-kind AdWords service.

Unlike other agencies, we’re 100% focused on the inflatable and party rental business.

In addition, our account structure and strategies are modeled after a very successful account from the Denver area, which over 8+ years of experimenting and adjustments has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in producing positive ROI. In fact, that business owner, Lance Miller of Big Air Jumpers, sees an ROI on his AdWords investment of 13-15 TIMES!

But that’s not all…

We take that model account and use our own “secret sauce” recipe of optimization routines and tailored campaign structure to adapt Lance’s proven account to fit exactly with your market, product offerings, and website.

Our formula for success starts with optimizing your Click Through Rate to signal to Google that you are a quality advertiser. Next we achieve maximum ROI for you by earning you the cheapest clicks possible for the exact keywords and phrases that drive the most relevant and valuable traffic to your site by managing Quality Score, among other metrics.

Of course, we are certified as a Google Partner:


In fact, we’re even recognized in Google’s Partners program for exceptional use of best practices to optimize ROI for our clients. As you can see, we’re recognized to be around the 90%+ percentile of all Google Partners.

Partners - Best Practices Rank

Check out how Inflatable Academy’s AdWords Formula service stacks up to other approaches with AdWords (DIY and typical agency approach).

If you’re looking for a huge advantage in growing your inflatable or party rental business, we would love to help you. Contact us today to see if your market is available. If it is, reserve it today and watch your bookings take off this season.

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