I have a strong click through rate… now what?

As we talked about in a previous article, Click Through Rate is only the beginning of the journey of optimizing an AdWords account.

In this article we will share what metrics to focus on next and why they are important. In future articles, we’ll take deeper dives and discuss these metrics in greater detail.

Quality Score

In layman’s terms, Quality Score (QS) is Google’s rating of the quality and relevance of your keywords.

Quality Score is calculated based on a number of factors, including Click Through Rate (CTR), landing page experience, ad relevancy, and more.

Quality Score and your max bid are considered by Google to determine your Ad Rank, which determines how high you show up in the search results. Generally speaking, the higher your Ad Rank, the higher your Click Through Rate will be, which then has a positive effect on Quality Score , which then can lower your Cost per Click (CPC).

A high Quality Score has an exponential impact on budget optimization. But the opposite is also true – low Quality Score will cost you dearly.

Quality Score is calculated for each and every keyword in your account. So it’s vital that your account manager be continually scrutinizing keywords with low Quality Score and either improve the Quality Score or eliminate that word from your account.

This chart shows why Quality Score is so important in getting more clicks for less money.

A high Quality Score (8-10) means costs go down. But a low Quality score (1-6) means costs go up (way up!).

adwords discounted clicks

It’s easy to see that if you are bidding on keywords where Quality Score = 1, then you will be paying a 600% premium based on a study conducted by ClickEquations. Conversely, if you achieve a Quality Score greater than 7 then Google rewards you with reduced-price clicks!

Impression Share

Impression Share is a number that tells us how many times people saw your ads based on the number of searches conducted. This number helps us determine if a keyword is properly budgeted.

Impression Share = Impressions / Searches

For example, you might have a very high converting keyword like “house house rentals in Phoenix” that drives a lot of good traffic to your site. But that keyword is very competitive, so let’s say your ads only appear in search 60% of the time this keyword is relevant for a search. So, your Impression Share would be 60%.

In this case, it’s likely cost-effective to increase our investment specifically on this keyword, because we want to appear as often as possible for keywords that are highly profitable. Conversely, we can also examine less valuable keywords that we are perhaps over-investing in and reduce spend. Doing both consistently over time will significantly improve all the important metrics of your account and dramatically affect ROI.

Conversion Rate

Conversion Rate is the number of times people perform a desired action (such as complete a checkout via your shopping cart or submit a quote request) divided by the number of times people clicked on your ads for a particular keyword.

Conversion Rate = Conversions / Clicks

If you have conversion tracking set up – and let’s hope you do! – your account manager will use this data to create special campaigns based entirely around your highest performing keywords. Every market and every website is different, so that is why our managers rely on this data to make the most informed decisions to maximize ROI on your account.

For example, perhaps we learn that obstacle courses create the most quote requests for your business and produce the best ROI. Perhaps that’s because you have the best selection of obstacle courses in your market, or it could be for some other factor. But what we do know is that allocating more budget to obstacle courses is a great investment because based on statistical evidence, we are more likely to drive sales.

If you’re with the Inflatable Academy AdWords Formula service, your account manager will quickly see this trend, and will make wise investment decisions for you.

Adwords Success with Inflatable Academy

Inflatable Academy offers a one-of-a-kind AdWords service.

Unlike other agencies, we’re 100% focused on the inflatable and party rental business.

In addition, our account structure and strategies are modeled after a very successful account from the Denver area, which over 8+ years of experimenting and adjustments has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in producing positive ROI. In fact, that business owner, Lance Miller of Big Air Jumpers, sees an ROI on his AdWords investment of 13-15 TIMES!

But that’s not all…

We take that model account and use our own “secret sauce” recipe of optimization routines and tailored campaign structure to adapt Lance’s proven account to fit exactly with your market, product offerings, and website.

Our formula for success starts with optimizing your Click Through Rate to signal to Google that you are a quality advertiser. Next we achieve maximum ROI for you by earning you the cheapest clicks possible for the exact keywords and phrases that drive the most relevant and valuable traffic to your site by managing Quality Score, among other metrics.

Of course, we are certified as a Google Partner:


In fact, we’re even recognized in Google’s Partners program for exceptional use of best practices to optimize ROI for our clients. As you can see, we’re recognized to be around the 90%+ percentile of all Google Partners.

Partners - Best Practices Rank

Check out how Inflatable Academy’s AdWords Formula service stacks up to other approaches with AdWords (DIY and typical agency approach).

If you’re looking for a huge advantage in growing your inflatable or party rental business, we would love to help you. Contact us today to see if your market is available. If it is, reserve it today and watch your bookings take off this season.

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