Updates to Website in a Box – June 17, 2016

Our website in a box service is now even better at capturing qualified leads!


Category page enhancements

  • Product short descriptions are now able to be displayed on the product category pages. See http://mypartyrentalbiz.com/shop/ for an example. This provides a boost to SEO, since there will now be relevant content on the category pages. To enable this feature:
    1. Make sure your products short descriptions are ready to be shown
    2. Go to Dashboard > Shop Settings and check the box that says “Show short descriptions on category pages”
  • A new “More Info” link has been added to each product listing. This makes it more intuitive that the visitor can click on the product to get to the Product Details page, where you could have a longer description, more pics, videos, dimensions, etc.

Text before price

  • If you’re showing pricing on your website, or will use the “opt in to show prices” feature (below), you can now specify a short text to go before the price for each product.
  • For example, you can use “List price: $249” instead of just “$249” to indicate that in some cases, the price can be lower than $249.
  • To enable this feature:
    1. Go to Dashboard > Shop Settings and insert a short string in the “Text before shown price” input box

Opt in to show prices – 4X+ optins

  • Quote Requests are a great feature, but what about visitors who aren’t ready to select specific units for a quote? You still want to know that they’re in the market for what you offer, right?
  • I’m really excited about this one. I’m sure you know there’s a constant debate in this industry about whether to show prices on your website. If you show prices, you pre-qualify the prospect before they contact you. If you don’t show prices, you get contact info from more prospects so you can nurture the sale over time. This new feature offers the best of both worlds, allowing you to initially hide your prices until the visitor simply and easily provides their name and email address, and then they can see all the prices instantly. Their contact info can then be sent to your email service provider (ex. Aweber) for use in your email marketing.
  • This new feature will allow you to collect contact info for more of your website visitors. In our testing phase, we saw over a 4 TIMES improvement in the number of people opting in to see prices online than those submitting a quote request.
  • Note, that implementing this feature will mean fewer quote requests, because there’s no need for a quote request if they’re seeing your pricing. However, if you’re using the new “Text before price” feature, and you use “List price:” or something similar as the value, then visitors will see your “list price”, but still request a quote for their specific pricing (based on location, date, non-profit, or any other factors that can influence price).
  • See an example here: http://mypartyrentalbiz.com/shop/
  • To enable this feature, simply comment below let me know you want it implemented, and I’ll set it up for you.

Quote Request Feature

  • The widget in the right sidebar is now hidden until there’s a product in the “cart”. This reduces confusion about what the visitor is supposed to do to request a quote.

Feedback and Reviews feature

Our vision for this feature is to help you collect more feedback from your customers, encourage more tips, and motivate more public reviews from your most satisfied customers.

All you do is enter the event information, and emails will automatically be sent after the event to invite their feedback on a simple and intuitive feedback form. No boring survey pages of check boxes and input boxes. This survey will engage your customers into leaving more feedback.

There is NO additional cost to you for this feature. Comment below if you’re interested in participating in the BETA release.

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