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Partners Program

The Partners Program is a popular starting point for those wanting to take their inflatable or party rental business to the next level. Whether you need training or mentorship from industry pros running seven figure party rental businesses, proven marketing assets and strategies to drive demand and raise prices, or just a community of business owners like you who are serious about building their business... the Partners Program is a great place to start. Learn more...

Daniel Haynes

It has lifted so much stress off of my shoulders and allowed us to actually take on more business and has provided us with a record breaking year! So I want to say thank you...

Daniel Haynes, Extreme Jump, LLC
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Website in a Box

Potential customers judge your business by your website. And their first impressions are formed within 2-3 seconds! That's why a visually stunning and engaging website is so important.

The Inflatable Academy Website in a Box service is built from the ground up to convert visitors into leads and leads into buyers. Built 100% for the inflatable and party rental industry, with marketing first and foremost in mind, your website is about to become your most prized business asset. Learn more...

John Bennett

My new website gives my brand a much more professional image. It's really helping to land the bigger event clients.

John Bennett, Facade Theme Party
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SEO Hero

The more demand you build for your rentals, the more you can charge. This means more profit for the same or less work than your competition. Or, the more you can invest in marketing and inventory to drive high velocity growth.

SEO Hero is built to get your website to the top of the search pages. Do that and you will have droves of free traffic to your website. Learn more...

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AdWords Formula

If you don't have top search rankings for the prized keywords, your traffic from online searches will be a fraction of what it could be. The next best option is AdWords.

Inflatable Academy offers the only AdWords service focused 100% on the inflatable and party rental industry. You can benefit from the strategies we've learned from managing AdWords for dozens of party rental businesses throughout the U.S and internationally.

Get tons of high quality search traffic for the lowest cost possible. Learn more...

Richard Just

The online conversions for the "events" campaign is impressive. Good stuff... October/November was exceptional and broke all our records so the system works!

Richard Just, Brizzy Jumping Castles
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