Announcing Inflatable Academy

Since you’re reading this, I bet you’re at least somewhat curious about what we’re doing with Inflatable Academy. Who are we? What are we planning? And why? This post will answer those questions…

A Little Background on Inflatable Academy

Inflatable Academy was originally conceived by Steve Nero, president of eInflatables. I’ve been working with Steve over the past six months or so, helping with various marketing strategies to help him serve his customers better.

After demonstrating significant success with various marketing strategies, he invited me out to IAAPA in Orlando late last year and I had the pleasure of speaking with some of his customers – small business owners making their living in the inflatable and party rental industry.

After having some great conversations with these people, I told Steve that I really wanted to help his customers grow their business. I know I can help them transform their business through simple online marketing strategies. It’s what I do. It’s what I’ve done for over ten years.

My passion is helping small businesses with their online marketing, because it’s the small business owners that have the most to gain personally from my help, and there’s nothing more rewarding for me personally than to see that positive impact directly on the people I’m helping.

I think Steve felt my passion and desire to help his customers and so he revealed his vision for an online learning platform. He said he’s been trying to find the right person to launch and lead a platform that educated and equipped his customers so that they could achieve greater success than ever before.

He envisioned a one-stop-shop where people could get the guidance they need in nearly any area of their inflatable or party rental business. This platform would bring together small business owners in this specific industry with 1) experts in the industry, as well as 2) experts in more general industries that would be willing to tailor their message specifically to the needs of the inflatable or party rental business.

I was hooked! I loved it! Not only do I have over ten years of online marketing experience, I also have significant experience building online platforms AND over ten years of experience in project management, bringing teams of people together to meet a common objective.

Our ‘project team’ is made up of the experts I spoke of before. Our ‘project’ is helping you transform your business, and we just happen to be doing that with the Inflatable Academy platform.

We can’t wait to help.

Why Are We Launching Inflatable Academy?

Every business venture starts out with a purpose. It’s always valuable to get crystal clear on what that purpose is by drafting it on paper.

Here’s our purpose statement:

With Inflatable Academy, we are going to offer training and resources to transform the inflatable and party rental industry. We believe that by offering free training, coupled with recommendations for highly relevant and high quality products and services, we can amplify the success of thousands of small businesses in the industry. This is important because it will allow us to make a strong and lasting impact on the businesses and lives of our students, as well as bring the joy of their products to more of their customers than ever before.

ย So What Do You Think?

I hope this post helped answer some of your questions about Inflatable Academy. We’re just around the corner from launching, and can’t wait to help you grow your business.

It would be great to hear from you!

What do you think about our purpose statement?

Leave a comment below with your feedback! Or just say hi… ๐Ÿ™‚

P.S. If you haven’t yet told us your most important business challenge, you can still take the survey. Your input will help us decide which topics to address first!


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