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Now that we’ve achieved the results we have, and proved out the concept of the AdWords Formula service (even before the season got into high gear), I’d like to share a bit about what’s planned.


Many businesses claim that remarketing can increase conversion rate by THREE TIMES! Why? Because repeat exposure to your brand will lead to more interest in your services and drive more sales.

In May, we’ll be rolling out a remarketing program as part of the service. This program allows you to serve banner ads to anyone who’s visited your site as they visit other sites throughout the internet.

You’ve probably noticed remarketing before. Perhaps you visited to look for a new truck and later noticed a number of banner ads with Ford trucks as you continued surfing the web. Well, now you will have this same ability!

As an AdWords Formula client, all you have to do is let us know that you’re interested and we’ll supply you with some code for your website that is required to activate remarketing. If you’re also a Website in a Box customer, we’ll install the code for you.

There’s no additional charge for this service enhancement. It’s our investment into ensuring the best success with your AdWords campaigns.

You can either use our best performing ad graphics, you can supply us with your own designs in the proper formats, or we can custom design graphics for you (additional fees apply for custom designs).


The IA service is all about driving traffic to your website. But does that traffic lead to sales? The “landing page” is the page where the person clicking on the ad goes to. If that page is lackluster, then you will usually end up losing that person – that you paid to get in the first place!

IA will be designing and developing landing pages and conducting rigorous split testing to optimize conversion rates. This will help turn your paid traffic into paying customers.

Stay tuned, this could be a huge benefit to those that want to increase sales – so all of us!


Each week, behind the scenes, we also manage the following:
• Re-write and optimize ad copy to improve CTR
• Manage keywords and bids to minimize cost per click
• Research search terms to identify valuable keywords
• Optimize conversions to maximize your ROI

Just about 50% of the IA client base has successfully implemented conversion tracking. The benefits of this feature are that we can home in on exactly the ads and keywords that are not just driving clicks, but are driving leads and sales. If you’re an AdWords Formula client and haven’t yet set up conversion tracking, let’s make that a priority in the month of May. You will be amazed at the power of this knowledge.


Our clients spoke and we listened. We now offer direct access to your AdWords account, as well as the ability to tie in your Google Analytics (GA) with your AdWords account. GA is all about understanding behavior. GA gives you the ability to see what your paid traffic does once they arrive to your site. Do they stay a while and click through various pages, and if so which pages? With GA we can see exactly which products you offer that are creating the most value for your paid traffic.

We are committed to raising the bar yet again, and providing you with the best AdWords service for your inflatable or party rental business.

Adwords Success with Inflatable Academy

Inflatable Academy offers a one-of-a-kind AdWords service.

Unlike other agencies, we’re 100% focused on the inflatable and party rental business.

In addition, our account structure and strategies are modeled after a very successful account from the Denver area, which over 8+ years of experimenting and adjustments has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in producing positive ROI. In fact, that business owner, Lance Miller of Big Air Jumpers, sees an ROI on his AdWords investment of 13-15 TIMES!

But that’s not all…

We take that model account and use our own “secret sauce” recipe of optimization routines and tailored campaign structure to adapt Lance’s proven account to fit exactly with your market, product offerings, and website.

Our formula for success starts with optimizing your Click Through Rate to signal to Google that you are a quality advertiser. Next we achieve maximum ROI for you by earning you the cheapest clicks possible for the exact keywords and phrases that drive the most relevant and valuable traffic to your site by managing Quality Score, among other metrics.

Of course, we are certified as a Google Partner:


In fact, we’re even recognized in Google’s Partners program for exceptional use of best practices to optimize ROI for our clients. As you can see, we’re recognized to be around the 90%+ percentile of all Google Partners.

Partners - Best Practices Rank

Check out how Inflatable Academy’s AdWords Formula service stacks up to other approaches with AdWords (DIY and typical agency approach).

If you’re looking for a huge advantage in growing your inflatable or party rental business, we would love to help you. Contact us today to see if your market is available. If it is, reserve it today and watch your bookings take off this season.


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