What’s the Hype with Remarketing?


There’s been a lot of noise in the PPC advertising world lately about the concept of remarketing. So you may be wondering… what is it, is it important, and how do I do it for my inflatable or party rental business? That’s exactly what this article is all about.

Remarketing works by serving ads repeatedly and throughout the internet to people that have recently visited your website. The goal is to re-engage that person, and get them to visit your website again which increases the probability that they convert to a paying customer.

According to SalesForce, it takes 6 to 8 touch points to generate a sales-ready lead. According to the article, “It often takes several touches for a consumer to make the choice to request information.” This is why remarketing is such a great way to stay in front of your prospects repeatedly to remind them about you and inviting them back. You’re staying top of mind until they’re ready to get in touch with you about their event.

Why is this important?

Consider this…

If your website converts 10% of its traffic into leads, you’re doing pretty well. But that’s 90% of traffic that is slipping through your fingers! The chances of them remembering your website URL is slim to none.

Remarketing will remind those 90% of visitors that didn’t convert on their first visit and make it easy for them to return to your site to do further research on what you offer and book their event.

Remarketing is a great way to add additional touch points with the consumer without ANY effort on your part. No follow-up phone calls, no follow-up emails, nothing.

For example, a party planner visits your website to research renting inflatables for an upcoming city carnival.  When she lands on your site, a cookie is placed on her device telling Google to serve ads to her as she visits other sites on the internet. Ads will be shown no matter what, so it might as well be you since they have already demonstrated interest in what you offer, right? She’ll see your ad on other sites she visits, which will remind and motivate her to return to your site and book with you.

remarketing for inflatables businesses

The Benefits of Remarketing for Inflatable and Party Rental Businesses

There is a strong case for remarketing. It is far reaching, clicks tend to be much cheaper than other cost per click advertising, and best of all… it drives sales.

Consider the following:

  • The Google Display Network reaches 90% of websites worldwide
  • Remarketing clicks averaged $0.66 vs. $1.23 for search clicks in a recent study covering all industries
  • Consumer package goods giant Kimberly Clark says conversion rates among remarketed consumers is 50-60% higher than other groups.

If immediate ROI is your main objective with your marketing budget, then remarketing is vastly superior to other forms of brand-driven marketing. Remarketing gives you the ability to reach people that have already shown interest in your inflatables and party rental products.

Remarketing also broadens your online advertising net to consumers who arrived to your site by means other than paid search. All visitors to your site, like those who found you on Yelp or through word-of-mouth, will also see your remarketing display ads as they travel around the internet.

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of remarketing is that it elevates your brand. Visitors to your site will see your ads multiple times over the next few weeks and they will be thinking about you, and not your competitors.

How To Implement Remarketing

If you’re already using an agency, simply contact them and they should know what to do. Although, if your account is more than a few months old, I’d be curious why they haven’t already implemented remarketing for you.

For those already in or considering the Inflatable Academy AdWords Formula service:

  1. First, we’ll supply you with a remarketing code snippet
  2. Either you or your webmaster will need to place the code snippet on your website – it is simple to do and can be removed at any time. We do this for you if you’re a customer of our Website in a Box service.
  3. Once the code is activated we’ll turn on your remarketing campaign; a campaign based on testing and optimization from all of our clients specifically in this industry
  4. Remarketing clicks will be paid for out of your current budget, or we can increase your budget for remarketing, whichever you choose
  5. We currently offer 5 highly effective ad graphics in Google’s most popular sizes, specifically designed for conversion for inflatable and party rental companies
  6. Each time a new visitor comes to your site, they will be placed in the remarketing list and will see these ads for 15 days
  7. By default we will repeat the remarketing process to someone whom returns to your site at a later time, after the initial 15 days, however this can be changed upon your request so that visitors are only remarketed to for one 15-day cycle after their initial site visit

Adwords Success with Inflatable Academy

Inflatable Academy offers a one-of-a-kind AdWords service.

Unlike other agencies, we’re 100% focused on the inflatable and party rental business.

In addition, our account structure and strategies are modeled after a very successful account from the Denver area, which over 8+ years of experimenting and adjustments has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in producing positive ROI. In fact, that business owner, Lance Miller of Big Air Jumpers, sees an ROI on his AdWords investment of 13-15 TIMES!

But that’s not all…

We take that model account and use our own “secret sauce” recipe of optimization routines and tailored campaign structure to adapt Lance’s proven account to fit exactly with your market, product offerings, and website.

Our formula for success starts with optimizing your Click Through Rate to signal to Google that you are a quality advertiser. Next we achieve maximum ROI for you by earning you the cheapest clicks possible for the exact keywords and phrases that drive the most relevant and valuable traffic to your site by managing Quality Score, among other metrics.

Of course, we are certified as a Google Partner:


In fact, we’re even recognized in Google’s Partners program for exceptional use of best practices to optimize ROI for our clients. As you can see, we’re recognized to be around the 90%+ percentile of all Google Partners.

Partners - Best Practices Rank

Check out how Inflatable Academy’s AdWords Formula service stacks up to other approaches with AdWords (DIY and typical agency approach).

If you’re looking for a huge advantage in growing your inflatable or party rental business, we would love to help you. Contact us today to see if your market is available. If it is, reserve it today and watch your bookings take off this season.


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