AdWords Top Performing Keywords in the Party Rental Industry



We recently did a review of our top performing keywords for dozens of our AdWords Formula clients over the last 12 months. These are the keywords that people use to research or find inflatable and party rentals on Google.

Performance was measured based on conversion metrics like cost per conversion and conversion rate.

So what do you think the winner was?

Which keywords drive conversions (quote requests, calls, sales, etc) best?

Bounce house rental? Moonwalk rental? Jumper rental? Waterslide rental?

The answer? Drumroll please…

The results

The answer is, it depends! Basically, there is no one-size-fits-all answer.

The highest performing keywords, according to the data from dozens of AdWords Formula clients throughout the country, depend on your market. This may sound obvious, but keywords perform differently in different markets. And your instinct may or may not be accurate.

While “bounce house rental” was the most common winner for our clients, it was only the winner less than 50% of the time! Again, it depends on market factors.

And realize that if you’re focusing on “bounce house rental”, but your market responds best to “moonwalk rental” (in terms of conversion, not necessarily clicks, CTR or CPC), then you’re basically giving your competitors your business.

The key, which our AdWords Formula clients have learned, is testing.

And here’s the best part…

Once you’ve done the testing, and found the keywords that are driving significant chunks of your business, and have the strongest ROI, you need to break out those keywords and their related ads into their own campaigns!

That’s right. Once you have your winners, you want to double down on them. The way to do that is to break out each logical group into their own campaign so that you can allocate chunks of your budget to the keywords and ads you know are working well.

This is all done for you with our AdWords Formula service. Get immediate traction with keywords and ads that are already proven to work, get conversion tracking set up for you, get customized banner ads for retargeting, and get an expert in AdWords management in the party rental industry constantly running tests and optimizing your ROI.

Get a free quote here and learn what the most valuable keywords are in your area with a free one on one consultation.


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