AdWords Top Performing Keywords in the Party Rental Industry


We recently did a review of our top performing keywords for dozens of our AdWords Formula clients over the last 12 months. These are the keywords that people use to research or find inflatable and party rentals on Google. Performance was measured based on conversion metrics like cost per conversion and conversion rate. So what…

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AdWords or Facebook Ads?

Every business needs to figure out how to market themselves. And it’s no different in the party rental industry. The real question is, which strategy is right for you? At Inflatable Academy, we’re asked quite a bit which marketing strategy will provide the best bang for the buck (ROI). And many times, even though AdWords…

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Marketing is SIMPLE

Marketing is Simple

Marketing is simple. Too often, business owners make it way more complex than it really needs to be. The fact is, it boils down to three specific things: The first thing is getting attention. Getting Attention How do you get attention? Well, there are a ton of free and paid ways to get people’s attention.…

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Should I Invest in Inventory or Marketing?

Many business owners ask “should I buy more inflatables or invest in marketing?”. Buying an inflatable increases your capacity. Marketing increases demand, or more precisely, increases the frequency that the market demand will find and choose you. The instinct is to buy more inflatables, because it can seem more tangible. But it’s important to understand…

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Updates to Website in a Box – June 17, 2016

Our website in a box service is now more powerful and higher converting than ever before.

Updates include: category page enhancements; showing any text you choose before your prices; allowing your visitors to provide their contact info to see prices instantly online (get 4X more optins!); and an enhancement to our quote request feature.

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AdWords Formula – What’s new and upcoming

AdWords Formula

Now that we’ve achieved the results we have, and proved out the concept of the AdWords Formula service (even before the season got into high gear), I’d like to share a bit about what’s planned.

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Business Owner Spotlight: Ed Mahoney of Bounce For Fun

Today’s Business Owner Spotlight is of one of Inflatable Academy’s founding Partners Program members. Ed has a built a strong inflatable rental business and has a great approach and a heart to help others.

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Business Owner Spotlight: John Nettleton of Monkey Moe’s

Today’s Business Owner Spotlight is of one of Inflatable Academy’s founding Partners Program members. John has a great attitude toward business, collaboration and the success mindset.

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Didn’t Make the Sale? It Probably Came Down to Trust

When your prospect considers buying from you, they are assessing whether they:

  1. Trust that your product or service will fill the need and is in the customer’s best interests.
  2. Trust that you will provide the quality or results that the customer expects.
  3. Trust that they couldn’t get the same customer experience somewhere else for a lower price.

This article will talk about the power of trust and how to build it with your customers so you make more sales and price for maximum profit.

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Business Owner Spotlight: John Bennett of Façade Theme Party

Today, we’re starting a new series on the blog focused on business owners in the industry. This first post of the series is of one of Inflatable Academy’s strongest advocates. A guy that really has the right attitude toward business, collaboration and the success mindset. John Bennett was the first member of the Inflatable Academy…

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