Q: What makes EasyLeads so great?

EasyLeads is a tool that makes it incredibly simple for a prospect to express interest in what you offer, and be added to your prospect list. This is huge, because now you can use those email addresses to fulfill your giveaway, but more importantly send emails to nurture the lead, build trust, and motivate an eventual sale. When they are looking for an inflatable to rent, it’s FAR better for you to already have a relationship with them, than for you to count on cold traffic (search engine results, AdWords, etc).

Others have had great results already with EasyLeads. For example one person with just a few inflatables in inventory generated 15 leads in one weekend, which was huge for him.

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Q: Why is EasyLeads a better investment than other advertising, like AdWords?

With AdWords, you pay per click. With EasyLeads you pay a small fee per month.

With AdWords, let’s say you are paying $0.50 per click. If we assume that 10% of clicks turn in to prospects that give you their email address, that means that each prospect email address costs you $5.00. And $0.50 per click and 10% conversion would be considered pretty strong for most AdWords advertisers.

What are YOU paying per email address?

Remember, your email list is your most valuable business asset. Once you have an email address, you can message and market to that person for free, for as long as they’re on your list.

With EasyLeads, if your results are anything like pilot testing results, you could generate 20, or 60 or even 200+ leads per month for one low price. At any of those levels, that’s less than $1 per lead.

What would you rather pay? $5+ per lead with AdWords? Or less than $1 per lead with EasyLeads?

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Q: How does EasyLeads work?

Basically, it works like this:

  • You choose some sort of giveaway that would motivate your prospect to express interest in what you offer. Your giveaway doesn’t need to cost you anything, it just needs to appear to have value to your ideal prospect. (see examples below)
  • You choose an EasyLeads keyword to use with your giveaway. (Ex. JUMPER)
  • You determine how your prospects will learn about your giveaway. (see examples below)
  • Your prospects learn of your offer and text your keyword to 33444. They get an automatic text response asking for their email to be eligible for your giveaway. They text respond with their email address.
  • You are notified of all new leads via email.
  • You follow up with prospects via email to fulfill your giveaway, but more importantly to send emails over time to nurture them into customers.

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Q: Is EasyLeads for B2B or B2C rentals?

EasyLeads is highly effective with B2C rentals. The renter is a consumer, and the event attendees are consumers (and high potential prospects).

For B2B, it just depends whether the event host / renter will allow you to promote to the event’s attendees. If the event host is agreeable, then that’s a great opportunity, as these events typically have a lot more people than B2C rentals, and the potential is huge for a lot of relevant leads. If the event host is not agreeable at first, you may consider offering a discount in order to have their permission to promote yourself with your EasyLeads offer to the event attendees. This can be especially effective with churches and schools!

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Q: Is there a contract or is it month to month?

EasyLeads is a month-to-month service. You can start and stop whenever you want. This is great, because we know that many businesses in this industry are very cyclical. Keep in mind, however, that if you stop your service, your keywords become available for others to reserve.

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Q: Can I change my EasyLeads keyword(s) later?

Absolutely! We wouldn’t want to lock you in to anything. Each tier of service comes with a specific number of keyword changes allowed.

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Q: How do I get the best results from EasyLeads?

Your results will be based on two things:

  1. Your offer
  2. Your ability to communicate your offer

Your offer

Your offer must be relevant and compelling for your ideal prospect.

Relevant: The best offers will relate directly to what your business sells. Giving away an iPad may motivate a lot of signups, but who wants to spend time on prospects who aren’t really interested in what you have for sale – only interested in an iPad.

Compelling: Your offer should spark curiosity or interest. Don’t be boring. The more exciting, unique, and/or entertaining the offer is, the greater your success will be with EasyLeads.

Your ability to communicate your offer

Try to be as simple and to the point as possible. It really is simple – don’t muddy up the offer with more text that is necessary.

Putting it together:

Here are a few examples:

  • Win 50% off your next inflatable rental! Text JUMPER to 33444 to enter!
  • Get 20% off your first inflatable rental! Text JUMPER to 33444 to claim your deal!
  • Be the first to know about upcoming public events! Text JUMPER to 33444 to sign up!
  • Learn 10 creative ways to throw an unforgettable kids birthday party! Text JUMPER to 33444 to get inspired!

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Q: Are there requirements for the characters of an EasyLeads keyword?

Yes. EasyLeads keywords can be 6-20 characters in length, containing only letters, numbers and dashes.

Also, keywords must be unique. So you can’t use the same keyword as someone else, and they can’t use yours.

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Q: How can I get people to opt in to my EasyLeads keyword?

EasyLeads is great because it doesn’t require your prospect to visit a website or commit to a phone call, which many people don’t want to do unless they’re ready to buy.

Here are some ways to get your offer in front of potential leads:

  • Leave behind or pass out postcard flyers or business cards at an event
  • Make an announcement at an event
  • Vehicle wrap
  • Attach signs to your inflatables
  • Craigslist ad
  • Door hangers

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Q: What if EasyLeads doesn’t work for me?

You can give it a try risk-free with our 30-day money back guarantee. If you don’t love the results, you’ll get a full refund, no questions asked.

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Do you have other questions?

Comment below with any additional questions you have so we can make sure EasyLeads is clear and you can take advantage of this great opportunity!


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