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The following are the best practices that have been compiled from actual small business owners in the inflatable and party rental industry. Remember that the technology is relatively new, especially to the industry, so we’re still learning what works best (and what doesn’t!). We’ll continue to update this page with the current best practices as they are discovered.

That said, we encourage you to experiment! Good marketing is about controlled testing and iterative improvement over time. Come back and share your experiences and we’ll update this page and credit you with a link back to your website for sharing your results!

What to do:

  • Use keywords that have some relation to your brand and/or your offer. This is why it’s very helpful to have multiple keywords available, so that you can use each in different circumstances.
  • Offer an incentive for qualified prospects to text you their email address. Don’t give away an iPad, because anyone would want that. Give away something of value to people who would want your products and services. Incentive ideas include:
    • Monthly raffle for 50% off an inflatable rental
    • 25% off your first inflatable rental
    • PDF of 10 creative ideas for throwing an amazing kids birthday party
    • Email notification of upcoming public events
    • Etc…
  • You’ll want to have a keyword for each incentive you offer. Otherwise it will become very difficult to manage which leads came in for which incentive.
  • You need to put something in your prospect’s hands with your incentive and instructions. If you have collateral already printed (business cards, flyers, etc), simply print out some stickers that you can affix to your collateral. For example, if you have a ton of business cards, print a sticker and affix to the back that says “Win 50% off an inflatable rental! Text “YOUR-KEYWORD” to 33444 to enter.”

What not to do:

  • Don’t rely on your customers spreading your message for you. Believe it or not, it’s very hard to expect that your customer will spread your promotional message like you want them to, especially if they don’t already have significant experience with you and trust in you. People don’t like recommending products or services unless they’re really sure about it. But handing out or making available some business cards or flyers is completely different. It’s not a vouch for you, it’s simply an accommodation, which is far easier for the event host to accept. This is why it’s important to use collateral to spread the word for your incentive and instructions.

Be sure to come back and share your results and experience with EasyLeads, and we’ll credit you with a link back to your website as a thank you for sharing with the rest of the community!


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