Turn More Website Visitors into Customers!

From marketing automation to email to contact management, the Email Marketing Machine gives you all the tools to transform your website visitors into devoted customers.

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Email Marketing Machine

  • Grow Your List

    Attract 4-7 TIMES more leads with proven, high quality, lead magnets.

  • Marketing Automation

    Nurture new leads automatically while they’re deciding which vendor to book with.

  • Email Marketing That Gets Results

    Drive more bookings with monthly 2-week product promos, all done for you.

  • Professional Email Designs

    Set your business apart with beautiful and professional email templates and graphic designs.

  • Lead Scoring

    Know which subscribers are hot leads, based on email engagement and website activity.

  • Segmenting

    Understand your list better, and follow up with automatic emails to specific segments like churches, schools, etc.

  • Notifications

    Get an email notification when a church lead is heating up and has an event planned with over 1k attendees, as an example.

  • Behavior Based Triggers

    Follow up with an email to someone who visited a specific page on your website, as an example.

Request More InfoEarly Bird Pricing Starts at ONLY $47/mo!

What Clients Say

  • Yesterday I received the email below to provide our services for a union picnic. The union reached out to us...why....because they received an automated email from us provided by Mike at inflatable academy. This will be a potential $15k to $20k event. If you haven't signed up for Mike's email system you need to. Keep your company in front of potential customers and good things will happen.
  • Yesterday I had two potential customers receive an automated email from us and book online. Without that email reaching out to them they may have went elsewhere but we were relevant when they need our services. $1068 without doing anything.
  • This service keeps me relevant to potential customers. It definitely sets us apart from the competition.
  • I've been using the new service Email Marketing Machine for about a week now and so far I'm impressed with its capabilities! Last year I had about 500 new subscribers from opt in pop up on my home page and many of those subscribes were lost in the shuffle because I was to busy to remarket them. This service automatically remarkets them saving me time and effort during a busy season. If I can get 5% off those lost subscribers that's 25 more bookings a year which equals to about $10k extra a year in profit on my end!
  • This service is a game changer for most. The lack of follow up in this industry is huge. It usually takes several touches before a customer acts. This program re-engages the customer several times throughout the process automatically. No more sending out a mass one and done email to a bunch of cold prospects. Engage with warm leads and provide value with tips and planning ideas. You will be surprised at the ROI.
  • I needed something that would engage my audience in a professional looking value added way. I also lacked in the design department. Mike has solved this problem for me and working with him this past month I know the content will continue to evolve and greater benefit my bottom line.
  • The costs are similar to Constant Contact or Mailchimp but now you have the guidance of an expert in the field of email marketing helping you along the way in Mike Kampff ! This service is a clear winner!
Request More InfoEarly Bird Pricing Starts at ONLY $47/mo!