Marketing is SIMPLE

Marketing is Simple

Marketing is simple. Too often, business owners make it way more complex than it really needs to be. The fact is, it boils down to three specific things: The first thing is getting attention. Getting Attention How do you get attention? Well, there are a ton of free and paid ways to get people’s attention.…

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Should I Invest in Inventory or Marketing?

Many business owners ask “should I buy more inflatables or invest in marketing?”. Buying an inflatable increases your capacity. Marketing increases demand, or more precisely, increases the frequency that the market demand will find and choose you. The instinct is to buy more inflatables, because it can seem more tangible. But it’s important to understand…

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Why Your Search Rank May Not Be What You Think It Is

More than half of all clicks go to the top 3 organic search results. Think about that. You need to be in the top three. If you’re not in the top three, search engine optimization (SEO) should be high on your marketing priority list. That way, when people are searching for what you offer, you’ll…

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